Creating a BurpsuitePro Launcher for Linux* Systems

Creating a Launcher for Burpsuite Pro on Linux systems

BurpSuite Pro updates a fair bit with new attack vectors, payloads and fixes, we don't want to keep modifying the script every-time the filename increments in a new release, so with a little bit of bashfu we can forget about that as a concern.

The Bash Script

#!/bin/bash launch=echo java -jar -Xmx3g `ls . | grep 'burpsuite_pro_v1.6.' | sort -r | head -n 1`
echo $launch

That's it, save that small shell script as (for example) and chmod +x it stick it in your Appsec folder and run it when you want to make developers cry.

obviously you can change how much ram you would like by changing the -Xmx argument to a different size ...megabyte/gigabyte etc...

I was going to make a posh button for it but it's a lot more to read and it deviates, anyway

there we have it.

Asciinema Recording

wtf is burpsuite ?